We Welcome Travelers Near and Far

We welcome visitors to Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, whether you are here on vacation or for work. Take advantage of the area’s natural resources for the time you do have, whether a week spent fishing or an hour looking at one of the numerous lakes. While you are here, let us make you comfortable at our hotel and we invite you to use your room as your base of operations.

About – Prince of Wales Island in Alaska

The wild beauty of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska is yours to enjoy, from the 1,000 miles of coastline to the rugged beauty of caves in the northeast to the plentiful salmon and black bears in the south. Discover chains of inland lakes, karst formations, and small communities.

The options are varied for those vacationing here. Kayak the coastline, watch salmon climb fish ladders, or hike the Tongass National Forest. One of the events the area is best-known for is the annual Prince of Wales Island Marathon, Half Marathon and Relays, which usually takes place during the fourth weekend in May.

Others are here to work, not play. Our hotel is home to people in mining and logging. You are here to put up cell phone towers and put in roads. You come from other parts of Alaska, as well as the other 49 states, and countries around the globe. We are happy to see you and are here to serve you with our hospitality.

Contact us today to book a hotel room or cabin during your time in the area. Our hotel accommodates guests visiting the City of Craig and Prince of Wales Island in Alaska.


Things to do in and around Craig

JT Brown’s Store

Fisherman/Clothing Store, Coffee Shop
(907) 826-3290
1 Front St, Craig, AK 99921

Dockside Café

(907) 826-5544
504 Front St, Craig, AK 99921


(907) 401-0926
333 Cold Storage Rd Suite 105, Craig, AK 99921

Hill Bar & Liquor

Awesome Staff, Great fried food
407 Water St, Craig, AK 99921
Hours: M-Sun; 1:00 PM – 3:00 AM

Little T’s

Convenience Store, Rent movies
Located under the Hill Bar
(907) 826 -2229

Craig Cannery

Sunnahae Hiking Trail


AC Thompson House

Grocery Store
(907) 826-3394
1300 Craig-Klawock Hwy, Craig, AK 99921

Strictly Local

Sells local art, holds affordable paint nights, yoga, and more
(303) 587-7294
333 Cold Storage Rd 107B, Craig, AK 99921

Papa’s Pizza

(907) 826-PAPA
(907) 826-7272
333 Cold Storage Rd, Craig, AK 99921

Camo Shop LLC

Print any design or customize your own clothing!
(907) 826-5337
330 Cold Storage Rd, Craig, AK 99921

Alaska Gifts

Authentic Alaskan Gifts, Gift Shop
(907) 826-2991
Cold Storage Rd #7A

Zat’s Pizza

(907) 826-2345
420 Port Bagail Blvd, Craig, AK 99921

Annie Betty’s Bakery Café

Cold sandwiches, paninis, baked goods, coffee, and more
(907) 826-2299
302 Thomas Rd, Craig, AK 99921

Healing Heart Totem Pole

Stan Marsden Memorial Park, Craig, AK 99921

Graveyard Island Trail

Christopher David Thibodeau Memorial Ballpark

Hamilton Dr, Craig, AK 99921


Craig Aquatic Center

Sunnahae Hotel & Cabins

512 Water Street — Craig, AK 99921

Office Hours M-F 8 – 5
Check-Ins Until 8 pm 7 days